PS4 and PS Vita bundle for $500 This Holiday Season – Rumour

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We have a new rumour that states that there will be a PS4 and PS Vita bundle this holiday for $500. This is weird considering the Vita costs $250, however, it is rumoured that there will be a $150 cut on the price if you buy the bundle.

This was revealed via Inside Gaming Daily and you can check out the video below. There source is anonymous so take it with a pinch of salt.

The remote play function sounds really interesting because that’s something that could really boost the Vita’s sales because any PS4 game could be played on it, and Sony has mandated that developers include a control layout for it.

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  • Magilla187

    This sounds amazing, im definitely looking forward to seeing if this rumor is true

  • Angel

    I do believe Sony will eventually pack both the PS4 and PS Vita together but what I don’t believe is that price of $500. Hopefully I’m wrong