PS3 overtakes the Xbox 360 worldwide, 77 million vs 76 million

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide after having a rough start during its launch years.

The gap was approximately 1.5 million when Sony announced its shipment figures which it now combines with the PS2. However, since the PS2 has been discontinued, we will officially get an idea of how much exactly has Sony shipped this quarter.

This data from IDC suggests that the PS3 has shipped 77 million consoles compared to 76 million for the Xbox 360. The latter has done well in the US where it still holds a commanding lead, however, the PS3 has done well to fight back and claw away at the gap.

Sony’s last figures were about 70 million during November 2012, so it looks like they have managed to ship 7 million units since then. The PS3 was also launched one year later than the Xbox 360 and when you consider the amount of competition they had to go through, this is a great¬†achievement.

Thanks, GI.Biz.

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