PS3 4.45 Firmware Causing Bricks, Do Not Update

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Sony has pulled PS3 firmware 4.45 due to an issue which results in a brick. If you face this issue your PS3 will be inoperable and you will have to repair it provided you still have the warranty.

The reason for this issue seems to be related to people who have used a custom HDD in their PS3. If you have a stock HDD, you will not encounter this problem, but if your PS3 has a HDD of 500GB or more, be prepared for a brick.

Since Sony has pulled the firmware and if you haven’t upgraded yet, you will be safe. The update adds trophy notification and other things.

If you have automatic update enabled which is a PS + feature your PS3 may have downloaded the update and in case you own a custom HDD there are chances that your PS3 may have been bricked, so check it properly. Sony has not issued a statement yet but since they have pulled the firmware, they know of this issue.

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