PS2 games on PS4 Trailer, Would you Rebuy These Games Again?

ps2 discs ps4

Sony has released a trailer showing PS2 games running on PS4. People aren’t happy though, because your PS2 discs won’t work and you have to actually pay for these games again.

Microsoft on the other hand allows you backwards compatibility for free if you have the Xbox 360 disc or the digital version of an Xbox 360 game.

In the trailer you can see fantastic games such as Parappa 2, Fantavision, Rogue Galaxy, War of the Monsters, Dark Cloud, Mark of Kri, Arc the Lad, and Twisted Metal Black.

These are no doubt great games but having to pay for them again takes the wind out of the sails, although there may be people out there who will. These games will feature trophy sets and look a bit better so there’s that. You can also use remote play, use sharing, streaming etc.

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