PS Vita 3.30 firmware is live, Here are The Patch Notes

ps vita 1

PS Vita is getting themes in its latest firmware and this should make a lot of Vita owners happy. The PS4 is also getting themes in its next firmware update but the release date for that firmware is not known yet.

We also have the list of other features added to the system via firmware.

  • [Theme & Background] has been added to [Settings]. You can download your favorite themes and customize the PS Vita/PS TV.
  • You can now check the rarity of trophies.
  • You can now attach and send events created in [Calendar] to [Messages] and [Email]. Recipients can save those events in their own calendars.
  • You can now add Friends and other players to events created in [Calendar].
  • The name of the VTE-1000 series has been changed to “PlayStation TV”.
  • A maximum of 4 wireless controllers can be connected to the PS TV. The number of players depends on the game or application.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? All these features should have been there from day 1 but hey at lease they are trying.

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