Project Scorpio: 6 teraflops, 4K Gaming, 320GB/s bandwidth, 2017

launch white xbox one 2

Microsoft has announced Project Scorpio, the next-generation Xbox console hardware from Microsoft that will destroy the concept of generations and offer more choice to consumers.

They didn’t show the box design and it was just a text which said “Project Scorpio”. It is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017, probably during the holidays.

The console has 320GB/s memory bandwith along with a 6 teraflops GPU. It will also have an 8 core CPU which is kinda similar to the one in Xbox One but with more speed. It will also be backwards and forward compatible which means any future Scorpio successor’s games will also run on the machine.

There will be no more exclusive hardware games. Scorpio will run VR games at a high fidelity and will also support 4K gaming.

The console is currently rumoured to be twice as powerful as the PlayStation Neo.

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