Prey 2 is not dead, more information coming soon

It seems that we will finally get more information on Prey 2.

The game was supposedly cancelled earlier by Bethesda, but it looks like a new website has popped up called Alien Noire, and upon investigating its source code, it’s clear that this website most definitely is about Prey 2.

You can check out the screengrab of the source code. The game looked really promising and futuristic when they demonstrated it in 2011.

We don’t really have a specific reason why it was cancelled but now it looks like the game lives and more information should be coming soon. The countdown on the website source code says March 1st.

We don’t know whether it’s scheduled for next-gen platforms or current gen platforms, but the game was originally supposed to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

This is still a rumour for now, so take it with a pinch of salt. The game looked really good as the gameplay video below shows.

  • Jonathan Older

    Just giving you guys a tip, but expect some brand new Prey 2 hype this Spring. We’ve got gameplay, trailers, and more on the gambit.

    • Freddy

      Sure..tease us more,I just want to know is that site legit or no?