Possible PS4 Neo/Slim Design Leaked – Rumour

ps4 neo

It seems this image is floating around in some circles which shows a new PS4 design, possibly Neo or the new slim model which is scheduled to be announced on September 7 at the PlayStation Meeting.

It looks like the PS4 but the led strip seems to have been removed and the console looks a little smaller as well. The new design still resembles the older one.

Obviously there are some glaring faults here. The HDD cover seems to be missing along with the power and eject buttons. The image doesn’t look professional either.

However, since the console will be revealed officially soon one can expect some leaks. You can see the leaked image above and come to your own conclusion.

We think it’s not the real PS4 Neo but you never know. The Xbox One S was leaked before reveal as well.

Update: It is real.

ps4 slim real

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