Pokemon X and Y details: Four new Pokemon revealed, Mounts?

We have some new details on Pokemon X and Y courtesy of CoroCoro Comic magazine June issue.

They have revealed four new Pokemon and here are some details on them. One of them is a normal-type robin which is called Yayakoma. The second one is a fighting-type panda called Yanchan. These two Pokemon are shown using the moves, Parting Remark and Barabora Charge respectively.

There is also a Grass-type mountain goat which is called Gogoat, and the last one which was revealed is an Electric-type lizard. The Gogoat can be ridden (only in Miara City) and has the Horn Leech move. This kind of confirms that mounts are in.

There is a new PokeDex’s design and there was also a map shown in the magazine. We will be updating this post as we get more details, stay tuned.