Pokemon GO – Has Nintendo Captured the Casuals Again?

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Pokemon GO is insanely popular in the regions it has been released so far. In case you’ve been wondering and worried about the future of Nintendo after the Wii U flop, relax.

Nintendo’s Wii was successful because it captured the casual market with an affordable device which allowed people to exercise and get fit. Developer Niantic has not only made a good Pokemon game on mobile but it actually gets people moving, and that’s one of the best ways to appeal to a casual market.

Nintendo’s shares have increased a lot and their market capitalization has also gotten a $10 billion boost, which is a lot. Now considering Nintendo actually won’t make a lot of money from Pokemon GO, because 30% goes to Apple and Google, 30% to the developer, and 30% more to the IP holder, The Pokemon Company. So Nintendo will most probably get a 10% cut.

They aren’t complaining though, as one normally equates Pokemon with Nintendo, and that is evident in the shares and market cap increase. It’s clear that mobile is the future for Nintendo but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop making handhelds and home consoles.

A handheld Pokemon experience will be a lot more polished and filled with quality content. If Nintendo continues to release good Pokemon games on mobiles, it may be that the people will buy Nintendo handhelds and consoles and ultimately it could benefit Nintendo’s entire business.

The NX next-gen console is expected to release later this year and we’ll see then if Nintendo has learnt any lessons from this viral phenomenon and translate the madness elsewhere.

It’s clear that Nintendo’s franchises are here to stay and there’s simply nothing that can compete with Mario, Zelda and Pokemon when are less video games and more cultural icons. Well, maybe GTA, but you know my point, right?

Nintendo’s had a bad period of late especially after the release of the Wii U and due to Satoru Iwata’s passing they’ve lost a great visionary, but Nintendo still has in it to capture the imagination of millions of people.

In case the game’s not out in your region and you have an Android phone, here’s how you can download and install it.

So what do you think? Can Nintendo capitalize on this viral phenomenon? Let us know in the comments section below.