Pokemon Go: Woah Nintendo’s Market Cap Has Surpassed Sony

pokemon go main

Pokemon Go has been such a phenomenon that Nintendo’s market cap has surpassed Sony’s entire market cap. Sony has been doing well for the past few years after the release of the PS4 and Nintendo had been in the doldrums thanks to the failure of the Wii U.

However, thanks to Pokemon Go’s launch and insane viral success Nintendo’s market cap has jumped by $20 billion to over $39 billion which takes it over Sony. The last time Nintendo was ahead of Sony was during the Wii days.

Nintendo’s home console NX will be released sometime next year and it remains to be seen if they can maintain the momentum and capitalize on Pokemon Go’s success.

Pokemon Go went live in 26 more European countries and also Canada. It is not clear when it will be released in China and India.

Check out the image below, courtesy of Bloomberg, which shows the spike Nintendo’s value has received in the past few weeks.

bloomberg market cap

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