Pokemon Go: How to Install The Game on Android Devices

pokemon go main

If Pokemon Go is not available in your region yet, and trust us, it will be soon, you can download and install the game right now on your Android phone. It is strange that the massively popular game is not available in India, China and Japan right now but has been launched in the US, but here’s how you can play.

You need to download the APK and on your phone go to security settings and enable installations of unknown apps. All you need to do now is install it. It’s that simple. We still recommend you to officially download it as the servers are kinda bad right now, due to the insane demand. It will get better eventually. You may need to set the region to Australia or some other country where the game is officially available to use their servers.

Also be careful not to roam carelessly on the streets. The game also drains battery really fast.

Nintendo has a major hit on their hands and it seems mobile is a great fit for the company.

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