Pokemon Go: How to Catch a lot of Pokemon in a Day

pokemon go main

The whole point of Pokemon Go is to travel and catch Pokemon, all 250 of them. Now it won’t be easy and you will most likely encounter a lot of duplicate Pokemon which is good because you should totally capture anything you find.

If you are willing to spend some money you should book a Uber ride to maybe go to a theatre located 25kms away. During your ride use an incense which will last for 30 mins and it will increase the rate of Pokemon that show up.

It’s a great way to level up as well and you can easily get to level 5-7 in a single return trip. As you level up it gets harder and harder to catch Pokemon but you will be in a good position with after getting a lot of items from leveling up and Pokestops.

You will also get eggs and you must use an incubator to hatch them. Ignore the 2km eggs and focus on 5km and 10km as you will get powerful Pokemon from them, also it depends on your level. You can easily hatch an egg while taking a taxi ride.

Pokemon Go’s impact on Nintendo’s shares is wearing out as the company’s market cap has fallen drastically after the investors realized they don’t make the game.

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