Pokemon Center created in UDK with a Sci-Fi touch (photos)

An environmental artist called Evan Liaw, has created a Pokemon Center entirely using the Unreal Development Kit.

It is something that is done to show how good it would actually look if made for the home consoles. His resume states that he knows many 3D modelling softwares, and he has also worked on a bunch of games before. His objective is to get a job as an environment artist in the gaming industry.

He says that the majority of assets were built using 2 sets of diffuse/spec/normal textures by rearranging UVs. I don’t know what that means but this kind of reminds me of Mass Effect’s environments. There are a lot of pictures here and all of them look pretty nice.

You can check out his site here and see all the high resolution images there, and to know more about him and also check out his other work. What do you think of this Pokemon Center, we would love to hear from you.

Pokemon X and Y was also announced this week by Nintendo for the 3DS, and it would have been nice if it had graphics similar to this.