PNY Nvidia RTX 2080TI Details, Raytracing, 11GB GDDR6 Memory

Nvidia has finally announced a new flagship graphics card and the specs are simply mind blowing. Titled the RTX 2080Ti which is a 1000 point jump from the 1080Ti in the naming scale, the card is truly something spectacular.

Tentative pricing is at $1000 which is kinda expensive but it’s tolerable for the enthusiast market. Due to the bitcoin situation prices have come down a little bit.

The card can do real time raytracing and has a host of awesome features. It has a 11GB GDDR6 memory with 356bit bus. It also has 4352 CUDA cores and a TDP of 285w.

It remains to be seen what AMD and Intel will bring to the table after Nvidia’s announcement. Intel is hard at work on a new GPU which could rival the RTX 2080Ti.


NVIDIA CUDA Cores 4352
Core Clock 1350 MHz
Boost Clock 1545 MHz
Memory Amount 11GB GDDR6
Memory Interface 352-BIT
Memory Bandwidth 616 GBPs
TDP 285 W
SLI NVLink 2-way
Multi-Screen Yes
Max Resolution 7680 × 4320 @60Hz (Digital)
Power Input 2 x 8-pin
Bus Type PCI Express 3.0
Card Dimensions 1.73″ x 12.36″ x 5.04″
Width Dual slot
Box Dimensions 6.76″ x 13.8″ x 4.32″
Virtual Reality Ready Yes

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