PlayStation 5 Set to Release in 2018 – Macquarie Analyst

A reputed analyst has hinted at the PS5 release date saying that he expects Sony to release a next-generation console in 2018. That would make the console launch exactly five years after the PlayStation 4 came out.

The PS4 Pro which was a mid level upgrade was created with the intention of pushing the PS4’s lifecycle by offering more visual prowess for people prepared to pay extra.

A new hardware which signifies a change in the generation might support backwards compatibility but could also force developers to completely drop support for the old hardware, like it happened with the PS4. It normally takes two years for developers to stop making games for both generation hardware.

2018 doesn’t seem likely but knowing Sony they might actually release a new console to infuse new blood into the market. The analyst Damian Thong from Macquarie Captial Securities had correctly predicted PS4 Pro and Slim so there is some weight to his words.

Thanks, WSJ.