Playstation 4 Review by a Sony Employee reveals less confidence in the system

PS4 or Orbis, whatever it is called, may target the casual market this time around, according to a review by a Sony employee.

Sony has an inefficient management and they are completely clueless and he doesn’t display faith in the Orbis, and has also said that he doesn’t believe it will sell all that well.

This is an indicator that the system may target the casual audience and not the core one as you normally expect from Sony, and it also indirectly tells that that the PS4 may be weaker than the Xbox 720.

His review here at Glassdoor blasts the company and he calls them out for making failed products and also has a lot of advice for them. The review was found by Superannuation.

“Executive Mgmt is clueless,” his review reads.”PS Move, 3D and PS Vita are all failures. PS Mobile will be the next failure. I don’t have a lot of confidence that Orbis will sell well as I don’t see it selling to the casual audience. They simply don’t need it. The company is quickly losing support of their 3rd Party Publishers.”

“Improve marketing and focus on your core gamer. Repair the relationship with 3rd Party Publishers. Stop investing in low margin areas where you can’t compete, like casual games. Focus on the core gamer. That is your market!” he advises the company.

PS4 review

This is kind of big, as Sony may very well have another failure on their hands if they try to approach the casual market again, as we know that they don’t know how to appeal to them. They hit a lot of success with the PS2 and Singstar in Europe but it looks like they may not have that magic in them anymore.

Take this with a grain of salt, but things are not looking too good. What do you think about this?

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