PlayStation 2 shipments in Japan finally stopped by Sony

Sony has told the Japanese retailers that once the current stock of PlayStation 2 consoles are over, they won’t be replenishing it.

This effectively means that Sony has discontinued the system and are just waiting for the stocks to sell out. This is happening in a lot of countries and when you think the console has been around for almost 12 years selling 150 million units and giving us incredible franchises, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by strong emotion.

The console was released in March 4, 2000 in Japan, and the stocks will probably get over in the same month in 2013. So that brings us to a shelf life of 13 years. I’m really struggling to think of an electronic device that has survived for so long.

Third-party developers stopped making software for it a couple of years back, and whatever software that you still see are being made by local developers in specific countries like India and Brazil where the console is still popular.

Via, Famitsu.

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