Platinum Games Xbox One title scheduled for March 2016, codenamed “Project Nagano”

platinum games project nagano

Ntkrnl, an insider on NeoGAF, who has been pretty much dropping bombs all day, has revealed that Platinum Games is working on an Xbox One game which is codenamed Project Nagano.

There was a rumour earlier as well from another extremely reliable insider called CBOAT, who also confirmed that Platinum Games was developing a game for Microsoft.

He says that it is scheduled for release in March 2016, which is a long time, but makes sense. Take this as a rumour for now. We will keep you updated as we hear more on this.

  • Perico Palotes

    Oh come on! im not going to buy a console for one game and specially not that console!

    • DJ Qua dinero

      I don’t really think it matters if you do or don’t.

      • Perico Palotes

        Well, the same was said about the new DmC, and look what happened..

    • TheRedButterfly

      Your loss.

  • Sturm Davenport

    how can they be certain so certain of the exact month it releases if it isnt for another 2 year? im calling bs

  • Toni D

    Hehe this was written before CBOAT was discovered a fake.
    But I hope this guy is right.