Planetside 2 doesn’t require PS+ subscription

planetside 2 screenshot 1

Sony has confirmed that Planetside 2 does not require PS+, which is mandatory to play most online PS4 games. Matt Higby who is the creative director of the game revealed that the game is being constantly updated and a lot of features are expected to be added.

“One of the best things about working on a game like PlanetSide 2 is that it’s a living, evolving game that’s constantly being updated and improved upon. In addition to work being done for PS4, the team is working on a lot of content and game systems enhancements to the live game,” he said.

“Some of the biggest features we’re excited to deliver in the next few months are: Hossin, our fourth full 64sqkm continent, an advanced achievement system called Directives, player-driven continent conquest/locking, and expansions to our game’s Outfits systems.”

The game will be shown at E3 this year. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.