Phil Spencer Hints At An Xbox 360 Game “No One Has Guessed”

xbox 360

Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer has hinted at a new Xbox 360 game that no one has guessed in a Twitter conversation with a fan.

He initially says that all the 15 games are exclusive to Xbox One and won’t be on the Xbox 360.

Then he goes on to add that they have a surprise in their sleeve for E3 this year and it’s something that no one has guessed so far.

We had compiled a list of Xbox one exclusives and multiplatforms that we thought are certain for the system. It’s nice to see the company supporting the Xbox 360 so late in the console’s lifecycle and just like Sony who are raring to go and have announced a bunch of games for the PS3, it looks like the current gen will still be relevant for a while.

Earlier Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was leaked for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and we have complete details of that game as well.

What could be it? Fire your thoughts below.

  • Jonathan M. Jacobs

    My best guess is that its going to be the super long awaited Killer Instinct Arcade HD or Killer Instinct 3. if not it is probably something lame like Conker or Banjo, or even worse more Halo.

    • Gamechup

      I hope it’s a Rare game!

      • RGDubz

        Kinect only! lol

    • Chris

      Conker or Banjo lame? What do you play, GoW and CoD? Keep it real brah!

  • RGDubz

    Killer Instinct 3, been saying it for months.

    Will probably end up shitty since the best developers from Rare left after M$ purchased Rare.

  • Megaman

    Microsoft bought Nintendo thats why there not showing off the Wii U at E3 just games…..Microsoft will kill the PS3 an thats how

  • Avison Lane

    It’s probably not a game-related announcement, and most likely it will be that Gold Members get Skype (ie XBox to landline) calling ‘free’ as part of their subs.

    Update: It could be the FFiv and FFX remakes coming to both consoles.

  • Manuel Granados

    At this point with the DRM and the can’t lend games policy they better have the whole poker hand up their sleeve because an Ace alone won’t cut it.

    • Manuel Granados

      Half Life 3 a Xbox One exclusive would certainly be 4 Aces at once.

      • Dragon

        Ya cause Valve would ever not release their own game on Steam

  • Watson McFlyy

    Guess we’ll find out soon.

  • Ash.J.Williams

    its Banjo Kazoie

  • NukNukNuk

    ET the Extra Terrestrial HD

  • omnomomnom

    The last line should be ‘What could it be’ not ‘What could be it’. Just a heads-up. And I think it’s Halo 5.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Does anyone really care???

  • Hassan Zaki


  • Hassan

    The Amazing Spider Man 2?

  • Hassan


  • Toaster


  • Red Flame Fox

    Oh come on, Micro$oft is getting pathetic.

  • Andrew Orr

    Halo 2 HD better not suck as bad as Halo: CE HD did…

  • Riiich

    Crackdown 3!! <3 <3

  • Batmon

    Two Words:

  • Steven Crowley


  • Chris

    Let me guess, its… a shooter!

  • Lopaz Trader

    Its not a game, its the Multi-Platform Function :) I hope so atleast :) that would be actually kind of usefull if you think about it :)

  • evanz

    Shenmue 3 exclusive for the xbox one

  • Rob

    if anybody JUST has an xbox 360 they shouldn’t give a shit

  • Honeydew

    Is It Game Where There’s Jaffas? Or Corgies? A Diggy Sandbox game? Or A Game as a Corgi And dig For Jaffas?