Phil Fish Lashes Out at Microsoft for Anti-Indie Policies, No Fez 2 for Xbox

phil fish featured

Phil Fish, creator of the lovely Indie game Fez, has revealed that he still dislikes Microsoft and their anti-Indie policies. Fish was unable to patch his game on Xbox Live due to Microsoft charging him a lot of dollars for a new patch.

The game wasn’t patched because Fish couldn’t afford it. He has a beef with Microsoft ever since. In a new interview with Polygon, he revealed that Sony treats Indies really well and they can self-publish on their platforms. He also added that Fez 2 is won’t be on Xbox.

“PS4 seems to be doing everything right. It’s too early to tell how everything is going to unfold but their heart definitely seems to be in the right place,” he revealed.

“Which is a weird thing to say when talking about giant monolithic corporation, but there’s a handful of people working at Sony today who are really trying to do some good. And whether or not I would develop for it comes down to how the platform holder treats me.

“With Microsoft they’ve made it painfully clear they don’t want my ilk on their platform. I can’t even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It’s that simple. Microsoft won’t let me develop for their console. But Sony will.”

It’s not clear what Microsoft’s policies are but a U-Turn recently indicates that they are willing to learn from feedback. Sony has the upper hand now with Indies after their fantastic showcase at E3.