Peter Moore accuses site of fabricating Dead Space 4 story

Earlier there was rumour that Dead Space 4 had been canned following the poor sales of Dead Space 3, and EA later released a statement that it was false.

Peter Moore, COO of EA, actually ended up commenting on GamesIndustry and accused the website (Videogamer) of making up the story for ad revenue.

“Standard, shoddy website journalism recipe, born out of a desperate need to increase click-thru rates to support advertising revenue,” he wrote.

“Fabricate a story using an “unnamed source”, post it first thing in the morning, add the letters” EA” to the story (oh, and link it to micro-transactions – always a fan favourite) and then stand back and enjoy the vitriol which you turn into revenue. Rinse and repeat…”

Here’s the screengrab of the said comment.

peter moore

The person who posted the comment is indeed Peter Moore and he had some more things to write.

“Thanks Matt – yes it’s me, and in answer to the question above, my comments were fairly and squarely aimed at Videogamer. My issue is not the rejection of community feedback (we get that in bucketloads all day long and we learn from it in real time), rather it was the fabrication of a story in order to generate controversy and ultimately readership.”

Sadly, he looks really pissed off by the whole incident. We will keep you updated.

  • Denton

    I love juice gossip and rumours, almost as much as I love micro-transactions!
    Give the people what they want, isn’t that right EA?

  • Elias Sideras

    No one is more shoddy than this asshole.

  • raudskeggr

    There’s a guy who should REALLY REALLY not be shooting his mouth off at the moment…

  • Bruce

    Fuck this wanker. May his company rot in hell. Look at his stupid seedy face. Such a snake.

  • Michelle Romero

    EA needs a reality check, big time.

    • bthomas

      stop buying their crap. but hey, they sell to emotional kids and adult kids who simply cannot resist playing their broken greedy garbage much like a female babboon cannot resist that red color off another males behind in heat…. nothing personal, people just need to vote with their money.

      we have become a nation of naggers instead, and yet, we do what pleases COO anyways and rewards EA for their crap… Buy their crap at retail ripoff just so the next kid does not outdo us tomorrow in school with talk of this stuff. or for whatever other reason. stop voting with a george washington until the game is trouble-free.

      bf4 is about to come out, and bf3 still is riddled with quite a few bugs and glitches and hackers always get the better hand at development vs EA.

  • Hein

    Peter Moore, please do us a favour and just disappear into the woods and never come back.

  • Kyle Keller

    God, there’s nothing worse than a bully who doesn’t even understand why everyone hates him. You can’t go around screwing customers like you do and expect no backlash. The reason everyone assumes that EA is doing something shady all the time is because, 9 times out of 10, EA is doing something shady. These stories are the result of the bed that YOU made EA, so either change your business practices to be more customer friendly, or shut up and sleep in it.

  • Kevin Sohaili

    Just another example of the type of assholes that run EA…

  • lol

    Look at you wankers leaving comments bagging this guy, who probably isn’t wrong. Bunch of tossers.

    • Danboyo

      Euan, you’re a cunt.

  • CrouchingWeasel

    People don’t like EA or you Pete because you’re cunts, simple as that.

  • Paul Smith

    EA for sure needs a reality check, but like all political dictators and people with absolute power that corrupts absolutely, a tyrannical attitude toward its customers with no respect or care for them. They see no wrong in what they do and if they do they must surely keep is hidden and deny it publicly or better yet, the EA way, simply ignore don’t exist! Millions of people must be wrong! Not them! LOL!!!

    That is how I perceive them at least…and I doubt I am alone with that.

    Hopefully they will be out of business sooner than later… the sooner the better and then their greater competition out there will fill replace them and NO ONE will ever miss them! I can’t wait to see the day! Either way they lose as more will surely continue to boycott them, even n00bs that buy from them thinking they are okay, they will find out sooner or later.

    There will be no void and game devs will also be treated far better! Anything you suggest for them to improve on their forums is censored! They cannot take constructive criticism, like a dictator can’t! So they can never improve, admit they got it wrong, therefore they must shut up shop or take the slow hard route and face more and more distrust and get what they deserve – an even worse reputation as times goes on! All of their own doing! Because they surely will not improve or help themselves. I guess they will take the slow decline and fall like the USSR…lmao. Wake up people, the gaming world is more free when it is EA free!!!!

    !!LIFETIME BOYCOT!! FOR YOUR EA!!! I will never buy anything from you ever again and if I find out any of you are related to another company I am likely to not go near it either.

    All comment here is just my opinion, obviously, duh. And my feelings based on my experience with EA and their horrible published creations. P.S I think they have no real customer service, never have and do not care to resolve anything, since it is out of their power to fix something so greatly broke, it is easier to just end the company!

    A nasty company!

  • Joshua Paul

    Not missing much – EA games ‘Pukes’ ! Oh that’s right , Battleport:4 is coming soon . I rather hit on Dianne Feinstein before I buy another product from EA .

  • Joshua Paul

    To all Young developers , show the world what game represents , and get rid of DRM since it only hurts the paying customer . Gaming will fall or rise up , its up to you ‘ generation now’ . All those old piss-ants had their time in the sun ! Lets reset gaming on a whole other level that justified artistic beauty

  • Aines

    Peter moore needs to go fuck himself. Preferably with something metal, retractable, and barbed.

  • John Ysc Groenvold

    well, that’s uh, bad, I feel bad for him, a little bit… maybe I’d care more than that if y’know, he actually ACTED on that feedback