PES 2014 Details: No Rains and Spanish Stadiums, EA to be blamed

pes 2014

Konami is finding it tough to match EA in spending by licensing clubs and stadiums. It’s almost as if they have given up and are just concentrating on the gameplay. It has been revealed that the game won’t feature any Spanish stadiums.

The whole game has been built from scratch and that’s the reason why weather has not been included and “this includes the pitch becoming slippery, ball bouncing, some elements to make the team used to that climate somewhat more power in terms of balance.”

The game will come with 20 stadiums and they received the news about not being able to use Spanish stadiums late and that’s the reason why they were not able to create something else in their likeness.

“I can’t go into it, but [the removal of the stadium editor] in particular has made the team realise more than ever about acquiring licensing, and we’re determined to fight back in this regard next year,” PES community manager Adam Bhatti revealed.

“If things are removed from edit mode because of licensing each year, it would rip out the soul of PES, and we must not let that happen.”

It looks like EA is doing a good job in locking in content for FIFA and that’s one of the reasons why it has become such a juggernaut franchise. The game comes out on September 19 in the UK and India.

  • A.J

    EA is an evil company…. Not only they made half done games selling at full price to consumer, they bullies other small companies too…