Persona 5: How to Hit Level 99 With Minimal Effort

Persona 5 is the latest JRPG from Atlus and based on the scores and audience reception, it is also one of the best RPGs ever made.

It is also a very long game providing 100 hours of gameplay. This guide below shows you how to get to level 99 which will help you later on in the game against tough enemies and bosses.

Play the game normally until you get to November 13th. On this day, the flu season starts, which means you can explore the Mementos to your hearts content without enemies actually attacking you.

Find a save room and then go one floor above or below. Stay in a spot for 5 minutes until an enemy called the Reaper appears. It is very difficult to beat him so hope that the Reaper has a despair status thanks to the flu. If yes, then wait for three turns and the Reaper will die or just escape and try again.

The Reaper gives you 68500XP which will instantly level your characters up to 50. Keep doing this for an hour and your characters will hit level 99 easily.

This can be made faster by making sure the escape actually works so if you can level up Futaba’s social link to 2 or 3. It will be helpful. Here’s how you can earn money fast in the game.

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