Persona 5: How To Earn Money Really Fast Early

Money is a really vital thing in Persona 5 as it allows you to buy weapons, armor, accessories and other things. However, prices of basically anything in the game is quite high and you might find yourself out of money soon if you end up spending a lot.

There are tons of activities in the game and most of them need money such as watching a movie in the theatre, buying books and DVDs, eating out etc.

There are certain accessories in the game that will cost 50000 yen and you may have to buy it for all four characters to have a great experience in the dungeons, but money doesn’t come easily especially when you are playing in the normal difficulty.

We have a great method to grind money and while it’s kinda boring you will earn around 500k yen in 30 minutes if you have certain skill that causes confuse.

Head into the Mementos and fight a boss, preferably in the earlier stages. Now make sure Ann Takamaki has the confuse skill that requires 12 SP. If you buy a SP regen 3 accessory from the Clinic, you don’t have to worry about SP.

When you fight the boss, make sure all characters guard on their turns and Ann should cast confuse on the boss. If it works on the first try, it will go away in three turns, so just keep guarding and reapplying confuse.

And voila! the boss might throw 20k yen or items for you. Also here are answers for the test quiz for everything from exams to just classroom questions.

Please let us know if it worked for you in the comments section below.