Persona 5: How to Capture All Treasure Demons

Treasure demons are something you find in palaces and mementos and they are incredibly difficult to capture or kill.

They can be easily found on various mementos floors and it will take you about 2 – 3 minutes going up and down each floor to find them.

They are really helpful when it comes to fusions and the best way to catch them is to do a critical attack on them.

First thing you need to do is craft a treasure trap in your room so that you can encounter them more frequently. Just crafting one is enough. Criticals works on all treasure demons except one for which you need a low level curse spell.

Now the goal is not to kill them but to do a critical attack so that you will be able to talk with them. This means you need to have a low level persona with a lucky punch. It will also be helpful if you have the Hanuman persona which is found in palace 7 so that you can use the revolution skill to increase criticals. Here’s how to hit level 99 with minimal effort.

1.) Regent – Path of Ayatsbus: Do a critical on him with lucky punch to capture him

2.) Queen’s Necklace – Path of Kaitul: Use a gun for critical attack

3.) Stone of Scone – Path of Akzeriyyuth: Use a curse spell

4.) Kohinoor – Path of Adyeshach: Wait for Futaba’s position attack to capture it

5.) Emperor’s Amulet – Path of Sheriruth: Do a critical on him with lucky punch to capture him

All the rest can be found in the same area and the same strategy could be used.

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