Persona 5 coming to PS4, Trailer Shows Main Protagonist

persona 5 ps3

When Persona 5 was announced for the PS3, people were happy. However, they were also disappointed that it wasn’t coming out for the PS4. With games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV seemingly looking to be vapourware, Persona series is something that is not only critically acclaimed but also has a large fanbase.

Guess what? The game is coming to the PS4 as well. There’s no doubt that a 2015 release on both platforms looks likely.

They released a new trailer at Sony’s Pre-TGS conference and we got our first glimpse at the main protagonist’s face. He looks much more mature than the one in P4A, and most people are a fan of him already.

There are some other things as well and looks like it’s a college setting this time.

You can check out the trailer below.