Iwata – We Want to Convey Wii U Gamepad’s Necessity to Consumers

nintendo wii u

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that the company will do everything in their power to communicate the value of the Wii U gamepad to consumers during an E3 analyst briefing.

“Of course, we won’t remain silent and do nothing. We are going to release a variety of Wii U software, and with each title, we would like to show how convenient and delightful it is to have the Wii U GamePad controller, and how it changes the gaming experience,” he said.

“In addition, we have also learned that the name “asymmetric gameplay” does not fully explain the GamePad’s value to consumers. As for the software going to be released from now on, we would like to describe the experience that the GamePad provides with a different expression in order to adequately convey its necessity to consumers and increase the number of consumers that think, “Indeed it is good to have a GamePad.”

He also added that with Pikmin 3 they are trying to include functions that will make good use of the gamepad and show people how interesting it can be. The company has been struggling with the Wii U sales of late and in the western markets it has been performing really poorly.

Via Nintendo.