OUYA Developer Unit Unboxing Video, looks small and beautiful

We have a video of OUYA unboxing and it’s quite amazing how cute it is.

The power is going to be something that is equivalent to a Galaxy S3, and that’s quite powerful when you think about it. The OUYA controllers are made of plastic but they are just the prototype ones intended for developers and not the final retail ones which will have its own shape and design.

Same goes for the controllers which is again made of plastic but you can clearly see the size of it which resembles a 360 controller. They have said some things are still in the initial stage and they are still testing and designing the triggers of the controller.

The size of the console is baffling but that’s not surprising since it uses mobile chips, and the developers have also opened the box showing that people can customize it to their liking, and such an unboxing video should surely give a lot of confidence to the developers and people who pledged for the incredibly successful Kickstarter.

Check out the unboxing video below.