Oculus advises Sony to Make Morpheus as good as the Rift

oculus rift main 1

Oculus Rift is the new hotness in town, however, there’s still a long time to go before it will be out for consumers. The dev kits are already available and many people have been giving positive comments about it.

CEO Brendan Iribe had this to say at the web summit conference which was transcribed by The Guardian.

“Please make sure your product is as good or close! We’re really looking forward to this as an industry that takes off. A number of companies will come in, even companies we haven’t heard of yet two or three or five years down the road,” he said.

“At the same time we’re a little worried about some of the bigger companies putting out product that isn’t quite ready. That elephant in the room is disorientation and motion sickness.

“We’re encouraging other companies, particularly the big consumer companies, to not put out a product until they’ve solved that problem.”

Project Morpehus was announced last year and is seen as a primary competitor to the Oculus Rift.

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