Nvidia will make money on every Project Shield device sold

Project Shield will not be sold at a loss, according to Nvidia.

The portable gaming hardware was announced yesterday at CES 2013, and it runs on Android. Since it’s an open platform, there’s always a concern of piracy that can stun the growth of any hardware. This is apparently not a concern to them since they will be making money on every hardware sold.

Nvidia is not a company that will be encouraging a lot of developers to make software for Project Shield, but according to their recent blog post, they’ve said that they “want to help game developers keep you happily entertained with the magic that they dream up.”

They are in a way criticizing the current platform holders’ approach toward gaming, and that’s not really a surprise because it’s rumoured that they haven’t got any contracts for the next-generation systems from Microsoft and Sony.

“It expresses our philosophy that gaming should be based on open platforms, where games can be enjoyed in a range of models – from free-to-play up to premium, blockbuster titles,” the blog post read. “The business model that stems from this means we’ll make our money by selling the device to gamers.

“This differs from the razors-and-razor blades approach, which isn’t just used by Gillette and Schick. Printer-companies use it, as well, making money from highly profitable ink. So do game-console companies, who primarily make their profit from premium games.”

You can check out the device’s specifications and the 4K demonstration video as well. What do you think about the Shield? Let us know in the comments section below.

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