Nvidia Shield announced: A portable Android gaming system

Nvidia has announced a new gaming console much to the shock of the world.

It’s a portable gaming system and runs entirely on Android, and the design is something that will definitely raise an eyebrow or two. It looks like a controller with a screen on it and if you are an avid mobile gamer you know people tend to do things like these to be able to play with better controls.

The Shield can also play movies and Nvidia CEO showed a 4k video running off the system. That’s pretty impressive, and it has been said that it will be completely compatible with regards to Android accounts and stuff.

The console’s pricing and other structure hasn’t been announced yet, but this is a controller that has a lot of processing power and also has a HDMI port with which you can plug it into your TV, or also use the portable screen.


It’s not clear whether they will be competing directly with Sony or Nintendo, but one thing we have to keep in mind is that they definitely have to take the piracy factor into account.

We will keep you updated once we get more information on this.