Notch Gets A Golden PS1 From Sony (photos)

Sony has wooed the creator of Minecraft by giving him a golden PS1.

The original PlayStation was one of the best videogame consoles ever made and it’s nice to see Notch getting something like that. Maybe Sony wants him to develop for the PS4?

His game was mostly on the PC, Xbox 360, and mobile platforms and has sold 20 million units cumulatively. Having him aboard the PS4 will be an asset, and Sony is doing just that. He was also granted a VIP pass to their E3 conference.

This is what he tweeted: “Sony also once sent me an original copy of Dungeon Master 2 they had lying around for some reason. They sure know how to bribe nerds. ;D”

Check out the pic of the golden PS1 below.

notch golden ps1