No Plans for Diablo 3 PS4 Vita Remote Play Yet Says Blizzard

Hey, remember something Sony had mandated for the PS4 called full remote play support? Guess what it’s actually dependent on what developers want to do with it. Now some of you may think of this as a good thing but mandatory means mandatory just like trophies. You just don’t allow devs to dictate terms which will mostly likely ensure in your platform getting ignored (the ones that are doing poorly of course)

Blizzard’s Senior level designer Matthew Berger revealed that the PS4 version of Diablo 4 doesn’t support remote play and it is the PS Vita’s fault.

“The Vita is an amazing piece of kit, but the screen is still smaller,” he said. “And when you look at–and also it has its own aspect ratio–and when you look at Diablo III, there’s a lot happening on-screen already. You get surrounded by your enemies, lots of effects flying off in every direction. The inventory can be pretty complicated to navigate sometimes when you have lots of items.”

However, the company is excited about the remote play feature of the system. Thanks to Gamespot for catching this.