No FIFA 14 for Wii U, EA Aren’t Making Any Games for the System

EA has confirmed that they are currently not developing for the Wii U.

This isn’t a surprise considering a lot of games from EA wasn’t announced for the system, and this includes FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and more. Since they aren’t developing games for the the system, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo will go about it considering a lot of high profile games come from EA.

“We have no games in development for the Wii U currently,” EA’s Jeff Brown revealed to Kotaku.

EA had earlier during the console’s reveal had said that they have a great partnership with Nintendo, so it’s unclear why they aren’t supporting the system now. But one thing is for sure though, the system isn’t selling all that well in the US, with less than 40k sales reported in the last NPD.

This is worse than any system released in the last decade and it looks like the Wii U will be Dreamcast’d at this rate. However, a price drop could prove to be beneficial since it obviously worked for the 3DS. The handheld got a lot of third-party support which the Wii U doesn’t have so it will be interesting to see what Nintendo does here.

They really need to churn out a lot of games fast and this includes more Mario and Zelda. What happened to that tech demo that Nintendo showed during the system’s reveal? Why not show more things like that and demonstrate what the system is capable of?

Currently only Ubisoft is supporting the system well, and they have released a lot of good games, however, if the sales continue to falter, they too will ditch the system, and it will become the Wii situation all over again where its competitors are preferred more due to good hardware and game buying public.

Madden NFL has skipped the Wii U as well, and things are getting worse since the system is reported to be hacked.