Nintendo’s “Why Wii U?” Flyer is too basic and reeks of desperation

Nintendo is having a hard time selling their next-generation Wii U console and aren’t providing compelling reasons for people.

There are two main issues that they need to fix. First, there’s confusion in the market due to the odd branding choices, and explaining the differences between the two systems–Wii and Wii U–won’t be an easy thing for Nintendo and would most likely require a massive marketing campaign.

The casual audience is a fickle one and it’s not easy to lure them back once they lose interest. Recently a new campaign from Nintendo has been spotted at select retailers. It’s called “Why Wii U?” and Nintendo attempts to explain what makes the Wii U so different from the Wii.

Unless you have a really low IQ level, this campaign will not work on you. It seems to be appealing to the lowest common denominator of the audience that has some experience with their previous home console.

This is the flyer that was spotted by veteran journalist Geoff Keighley. They also have the same comparison on their official site but without the question.

nintendo wii u flyer

This kind of shows that Nintendo is getting desperate and trying to boost the sales of the system. In the UK, retailers have unofficially dropped the prices of the Wii U but still it hasn’t managed to sell as per their expectations.

The main reason for this is software. The console is hardly getting any big games right now, and considering the lackluster support from third-parties, the onus is on them to release as many first-party games as possible.

Flyers like this will hardly make an impact in educating consumers because the market has changed and this will only end up with people ridiculing Nintendo. “Browse the internet” and “Play games online” aren’t something you put in a flyer to showcase your system’s features.

Calling the system “Wii U” was a bad decision it seems and it may not be too late to relaunch the console with a name that will resonate with everyone: “Wii 2”.

  • Elem187

    This article reeks of desperation for hits.

  • Angel

    This is just the beginning of the end for Nintendo especially with the PS4 on its way.