Nintendo was told making the Miiverse was a “fool’s errand”

We first reported how Nintendo rubbished claims about the Wii U gamepad being a response to Apple’s iPad.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata also revealed that the company was told making a social network–now known as Miiverse–was a fool’s errand, and they simply should have connected Twitter or Facebook instead. That would have been a bad move in retrospect because Nintendo really needed to stand out from the rest by creating an innovative system.

“When we first spoke about Miiverse, we were told that trying to make a social network now was a fool’s errand. We were asked by many people why we weren’t simply connecting up with Twitter or Facebook,” he said to Nikkei (article in Japanese)

“But, what we thought would be good about the service has largely come true and, as of right now, our customers are really enjoying it. The networks of people on Facebook and Twitter aren’t all people you are playing games with, right? From my viewpoint, I don’t use Twitter or Facebook [privately] but if I were to, it would be about things like ‘Hey, wanna go for a drink?’ ‘Wanna go on a trip?’ ‘Why don’t we have a class reunion?’, and so on, it wouldn’t be just about the people who I am playing games with.

He also revealed that game consoles aren’t entirely about games nowadays, it should mean something really more if the objective is connecting people from all parts of the world.

“We, Nintendo, have always thought this, but games shouldn’t just be about the time you spend with a console, but also telling people that you passed something, or that you found a neat trick is interesting,” he added.

This is a pretty good explanation for going with the Miiverse by Nintendo. I personally think it’s the best thing about the Wii U.

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