Nintendo NX Rumour: 4k/60fps Streaming, Achievements and More

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We have a rumour from GFK which is a client of Nintendo. They mention a few details about Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen console, codenamed ‘NX’.

Now, this isn’t explicitly mentioned rumour and just says NX information so it may actually be real. It sounds pretty real too based on past information about the console.

There will be a main console and a handheld and gameplay will be seamless. It is said that there will be achievements as well, maybe something like what Sony and Microsoft have.

Another weird thing that is mentioned is that the resolution will be 900p and it will also support 60fps. Here’s the image (Thanks, Liam Robertson via Twitter) that shows the specifications. We do not know what a sensor bar is but more information should be revealed soon at E3.

nintendo nx gfk

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  • Dean Winchester

    I am excited and worried at the same time.

  • Dean Winchester

    I hope the NX will make the ps4 and xbox one look like crap.