Nintendo Deluxe Wii U price dropped by $50, now costs $299

nintendo wii u

Nintendo has dropped the price of its Deluxe Wii U system to $299, which is a $50 price drop. The model cost $350 earlier and it seems Nintendo seems to be eager to revive the system’s sales. The basic Wii U model is still at $299, which certainly raises a question on Nintendo’s strategy.

A Wii U bundle containing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be released for $299. The Deluxe model comes with 32GB of flash memory along with NintendoLand.

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  • A.J

    Good news for me. I’m getting one during the holidays!

  • Taylor Marks

    I can’t find this price anywhere… even Nintendo’s own website says the MSRP of the Wii U is still $349:

  • Michale

    how the f**k is $50 “drastic”?

  • Michale

    also, the Basic set is being discontinued. you should really do some RESEARCH before posting any articles.

    • Gamechup

      That was announced after the article was posted.

  • Andrew Orr

    32GB of flash memory is nothing still compared to what you get on any other console, and a huge let-down, just like the Wii