Nier Automata Open World Gameplay Looks Incredible

Nier Automata, a hack and slash action game from Platinum Games, looks pretty spectacular so far. They released a demo recently which was met with great reception and now we have a 25 minute video that shows the open world in all its glory.

It is nothing like the first game Nier which was an RPG but it does resembles the craziness pretty well. The publisher Square Enix has been doing a great job recently by hiring all these third party devs to develop their IP and it looks like Nier Automata is going to be a great game.

The release date of Nier Automata is March 7th and it will be out on the PS4 exclusively for now. The PC version is rumoured to be in development but we have no information so far on it. Since it says console exclusive it may appear on the PC soon.

Check out the gameplay video below.