New Xbox One Exclusive To Be Revealed at Gamescom – Crackdown 3?

gamescom 2013 featured

A German site is reporting that Microsoft will be revealing a new Xbox One exclusive at Gamescom this year. The timings for the Microsoft conference can be found here.

“Yes, there will be an unannounced game for Xbox One shown for the first time”, the site states. (translated)

It’s not clear what this game will be but it looks likely that this could be Crackdown 3. Keep in mind that Crackdown was banned in Germany so this could be an odd venue to announce it.

Crackdown 2 turned to be a disappointing game and was critically panned worldwide, however, the series has potential. Ruffian Games had earlier denied that they were working on Crackdown 3, so if the game does get announced, it will probably be developed by someone else. Maybe Black Tusk Studios?

Microsoft has a lot of surprises planned for Gamescom; one of them was the Indie self-publishing policy on Xbox One which was leaked recently. Sony will also have some tricks up their sleeve and it should be a fun event this year.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this.

  • Magilla187

    This sounds rather interesting, cant wait to see what it is, i do hope its crackdown 3