New Upgraded Vita Model to Launch Before TGS – Tokyo Kezai Newspaper

ps vita 1

It seems Sony will be launching a new Vita model before TGS and it is set to feature significant improvements, according to a rumour by Tokyo Kezai, a Japanese newspaper.

The model will be launched before the Tokyo Game Show and they have not mentioned anything about any price drop. They do however mention that the RAM will be increased to 1GB from the current 512MB, but games won’t be allocated more RAM to ensure compatibility between the old and new models.

The screen size will also be increased to 6.3 inches from the current 5 inches, but the resolution is set to be same. The outer design is also said to be a bit different and more like the PS4 design.

Take this as a rumour at the point but Japanese newspapers have usually leaked Sony stuff accurately before a major trade event.

  • mus1CKFps

    Hmm this shall be interesting to see come out the cows mouth (sony) i’d like to know if they plan on doing this then, will there be a price drop for the current vita and will the new one follow suit with the price drop ?

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS

    the new design will be cool but they need to work on titles to download and converting enhancement