New SCEA advertising patent: Convert TV ads into interactive video games

Sony aren’t strangers to wacky patents, but it seems like they have outdone themselves this time.

They have filed an advertising patent which utilises your voice and motions to make the ad go away or behave in interesting manner. In other words, it’s truly interactive.

There are a lot of things that are written in the patent description as you would expect, and the patent is called “system for converting television commercials into interactive video games”.

As the images below show, there are a variety of ways how this can be achieved. Sony earlier also filed an advertising patent for interupting gameplay with ads. This one, however, does not seem so intrusive and is actually quite cool.

There are a lot of examples in the pdf file which do a better job of explaining what the patent is about than the actual description. Check out the images below. (via ibogost)

ad 3

ad 5

scea ad

ad 4

scea ad 1

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