New Rise of The Tomb Raider Footage Rivals Uncharted 4

Crystal Dynamics has released a new footage for Rise of the Tomb Raider which will launch exclusively on the Xbox One later this year. In fact, we are baffled as to why we didn’t see this footage during the Microsoft press conference.

The game has not been announced on the PC or PS4 yet and will hit the Xbox One on November 10th. Based on this footage, the game looks incredible and shows what Xbox One is capable of.

The game will probably run at 1080p and 30 fps on the system and hopefully it runs as smooth as is shown in this video.

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  • pwnallofu

    rivals uncharted? I’m not looking at the same video as you

  • Al

    It has been announced on other platforms, but XBox is getting a timed exclusive. So PS4 fans can also enjoy it too after a set delay.

    • pollard

      Pos4….wait and wait and….

      • jhonny

        Game is published by MS…Let the pos4 beggar trolls think they will get it before 2017….pos4 sucks

        • Al

          Well, fair enough, there’s a lot of other games to be getting on with. I’d imagine PS4 and PC will get it at the same time, usually it’s 6 months or so after these timed exclusives.

  • Chazzie

    Oh my, this will be mine the day it releases on xbox one.