New PS4K In Development For Graphics-Heavy Games – WSJ Report

new ps4 1tb

There can’t be smoke without fire and for the past few weeks there have been rumours of Sony building a new PlayStation 4 presumably for PSVR which is said to require a lot of hardware power.

Today a new report from Wall Street Journal adds more credibility to the rumour. They’ve mentioned that they’ve heard Sony was building a new PS4 to play graphics-heavy games.

The PSVR comes out this October and WSJ report states that the new console will be revealed at E3 this year.

You would have to buy the new model to enjoy the superior power and if you already own a PS4 you will be able to run most games but not as well as the new console.

There were rumours earlier too and it looks like a new PS4.5 is a lock at this stage since WSJ has a good track record.

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