New PS4 DriveClub Screenshots Give That Next-Gen Feel

Sony has released some new screenshots for DriveClub which will be released on PlayStation 4.

It’s a PS4 game and as you’d expect these screenshots can send a car lover into a frenzy. There are a bunch of screenshots here all shown the detail Evolution Studios has put in the game.

It will be a launch title for the PS4 and has been in development for years. The game was first shown at the Sony conference where the PS4 was unveiled, needless to say everyone was pleased with the way the game has been handled.

It features first-person racing at an incredibly high visual fidelity. Check out the screenshots below.

driveclub screenshot 6

driveclub screenshot 5

driveclub screenshot 4

driveclub screenshot 31

driveclub screenshot 21

driveclub screenshot 11

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