New PS4 details: Remote play at Vita native res, no encoding required, more

We have some new details on some of the features of the PS4 via Japanese Magazines.

The console will be able to stream PS4 games to the Vita at the handheld’s native resolution. Which means, a game running at 1080p on the PS4 will be compressed to Vita’s resolution and then streamed, and this is possible due to the powerful hardware inside the system.

When you transfer a movie clip from a PS4 to PC, there’s no encoding required. It won’t be in a proprietary format. The DualShock 4’s touchpad is not meant to be a priority feature like the Sixaxis on the PS3, but developers are having creative ideas on how to use it.

In a recent Killzone: Shadow Fall demonstration on Night With Jimmy Fallon, Herman Hulst revealed that the touchpad will mostly be used for navigating through menus and more.

The new stereo camera created for the PS4 will detect the user’s location even if the user does not have a DualShock 4 or Move controller. Lastly, there are chances of PS1, PS2 emulation in the future.

PS4 camera 1

Via Gamenyarth

  • Ladorcator

    PS1 and PS2 emulation should be possible with 8 gigs of hard memory, however PS3 games emulation is much more complicated due to the nature of the cell structure.

    • Jeremy Spillen

      That’s a huge part of where Gaikai will come in. That’s where the PS3 games will stream from.

  • Cantored

    How can we put pressure on Sony to include the emulation features?

  • Gregory William Wampler

    Emulation or streaming??? I’m sure they’ll likely only stream old, legacy games to the PS4. Why would they want to spend money all over again on emulating games?

    • Shuggy

      Streaming sucks. No way to spin that.

  • Shuggy

    The PS4 doesn’t compress the resolution for Vita RP on its own. It requires an additional development path, which is going to piss off devs as it’s required for PS4 certification. Dev friebdly my arse then as nobody wants to develop for the dead vita.

    • mb

      actually it has been confirmed that remote play is included at a system level, Guerilla said very little is needed on the developer side

    • hesido

      Indeed, little will be needed on developer side: They just have to make sure their control scheme suits the vita’s input mechanisms, the streaming would be done by the game os.

      • Jeremy Spillen

        Streaming isn’t ideal yet but as internet speeds continue to increase it will become a very easy option.

        The development of PS4 games for the Vita is setup as easily as Sony could make it. That’s where the Vita becomes absolutely amazing. Skyrim on the go, Uncharted on the go, games like Diablo 3 on the go. Imagine knocking out your grinding while on a cross country plane flight.

  • Xino

    all sounds like good news to me