New Macbook Announced, Full Details, Images and Specs

new macbook

Apple has announced a new MacBook during its Apple Watch conference and it is their thinnest laptop yet. It just weighs 2 pounds and is 24% thinner than the Macbook Air.

The keyboard has been updated as well and contains individual LED lighting. It features a Retina display along with a 12 inch screen and is very power efficient. The machine is powered by Intel Core M Broadwell CPU. This might be the weak link but unless we test out the machine ourselves it’s hard to say.

It also features a new USB standard called USB-C. The new port allows you to charge and use VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB data. You would obviously need to buy an external adapter for this.

The 12 inch 256GB SSD version is priced at $1299 and the 512GB SSD version is priced at $1599.

The New MacBook will be available on April 10th in select countries.

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