New Horizon PS4 Story Details Revealed, Third Artwork Leaked

horizon dinos

Guerrilla Games are working on a new IP called Horizon and it features robotic dinos and a red-headed protagonist. We covered some details from the game earlier where it was revealed that the game world would be varied and the open would is comparable to The Witcher.

But now we have some new story details from someone who was in the focus group for the game.

Let’s see based on what I can remember. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future where robots have evolved into animals/dinosaurs and humans have devolved into pre-civilization tribes of Hunters/Gatherers who are surviving off the land making weapons and armor out of robot parts.

You play as one of your tribe’s hunters who’s this girl that is fascinated with exploring the ruins of our old civilization.

He also adds that they were shown early concept gameplay and it featured rope arrows. Thief anyone?

They showed us some early concept gameplay, it seemed like one of the more unique aspect of the gameplay was that your character uses rope arrows to tangle up those giant dinobots like AT-ATs in Empire Strikes Back

They make it seem like there would be either class based co-op or your character would have some sort of NPCs fighting along side her. It seems like an open world third person action RPG and they claim the map will be extra huge.

These are promising details but take this as a rumour for now. The game will most likely get a reveal at next E3 till then hopefully there are more leaks like this.

We also have a third artwork thanks to the Chinese site (bbs9avg) which looks spectacular. Check it out below.

horizon ps4 third

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Spectacular. I like this more every time I hear about it.

  • Bliss Seeker

    Monster Hunter for PS4?! O.O

    • Negi Springfield

      Even better :D

    • Dadrixx

      Seems to be a more story driven game. I don’t think it’s that much like Monster Hunter, but it took inspiration from it (the human vs huge thing part only, it seems), even though the battles seem to be quite different.

      • Bliss Seeker

        I don’t think it’s that much like Monster Hunter, but it took inspiration from it (the human vs huge thing part only, it seems)

        That’s what I meant by it! :)

    • Mark

      I hope so! The leak came out at around TGS time so i hope its a MH like game.

  • Guest

    Looks bland, but that’s Guerilla games. An overhyped Sony studio who already messed up the KZ franchise.

    • Guest

      KZ isn’t messed up. its just that the newer one isn’t as amazing as the old one in your opinion. But its still a good franchise in my opinion. :)

    • sandnigger

      jesus christ,the last thing this looks like,is bland…this actually looks fun

      • datdude

        Your username is weak…grow up and grow a pair.

    • demfax

      You hate any Playstation exclusive, death dealer/lionheart.

    • Mintos

      Killzone isn’t messed up it just has 2 bland games in the series which shamefully are the mainline ones (3, and SF) but the rest are really good also they have the writer of new vegas working on this one so I expect a nice story mode

    • King1415

      Aww the jealousy comes in play by XBONE 900p fans. Sony makes games. Microsoft buys them because they don’t have any 1st party studios or talented studios LMAO.

    • datdude

      The guest account thinks a hypernova looks “bland”. The guest account thinks copulation is “bland”. The guest account thinks creation itself is “bland”. I don’t think the guest account understands the definition of the word bland.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Its so cute to watch you try so hard, a few more posts like this and you should just about have yourself convinced you didn’t buy the wrong console.

  • SkinnygamerReviews

    I hope at least they allow you to create your girl character with red hair in this game at least since we obviously won’t be allowed to pick our own gender unless the girl with red hair is just a demostration and you can actually customize your character and decide what you want your character to look like and stuff like that.

    Though maybe not and you will be stuck with this character either way I am still hyped about this game. Just disappointed i won’t be able to create my own character :(

    • datdude

      I love redheads.

  • Adam Rose


    • Quicktim3

      easy there killer, we haven’t seen any gameplay

  • Gaikai

    I hope this game doesn’t come out any time soon, this sounds awesome so far but also a bit ruhed imo, I want them to take their time and creat a great game we have plenty of games coming out this winter and 2015 has a full lineup of great games as well

    • Wargreymon559 .

      They been working on it for the past 3-4 years.SO yea I dont think it’s being rushed.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      what the hell about these leaks sound like its been rushed…? :S

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Be on the lookout for another game “journalist”/xbot smear campaign for this game too.

    • Durka Durka

      wut? Are you sony fanboys ok? You see xbots everywhere

      Edit: i just looked below, yeah makes sense.

  • Durka Durka

    Wow interesting.

  • Russell Gorall

    Beats another Killzone game, sounds interesting.

  • Derzerb5

    I’d rather it have character creation, instead of a pre-made character. Oh well, maybe its just an alpha character build.